Postkodlotteriets internationella ambassadörer delar och stöder lotteriets övertygelse om att världen blir bättre med starka civilsamhällen.

George Clooney

Skådespelare och människorättsaktivist

"I have never seen anything like the Postcode Lottery. It is saying: let’s all participate as a group and along the way do good. The fact that I can be involved in this is an honor.”

George Clooney är skådespelare och människorättsaktivist. Han har arbetat för att stoppa brott mot mänskliga rättigheter och folkmord sedan tidigt 00-tal, och hans engagemang väcktes i och med konflikten i Darfur.

2016 startade han och Amal Clooney organisationen Clooney Foundation for Justice. Organisationen arbetar för att främja rättvisa i domstolar, klassrum och samhällen världen över.

13 mars 2019 kom både George och Amal Clooney till Stockholm för att berätta mer om sitt arbete och Clooney Foundation, för de 61 ideella organisationer som delar på Postkodlotteriets överskott.

Robin Wright

Skådespelerska, regissör och aktivist

"It’s important to give the people that are facing injustice and fighting for their rights a voice. That’s what I am trying to do wherever I can, and I applaud the Postcode Lotteries for doing the same."

Sarah Brown

Grundare och ordförande på Theirworld

“The Postcode Lotteries allow both players and charities to dream. Thank you for the support to Theirworld enabling our charity projects to reach many vulnerable children with their own dreams for a brighter future.”

Nice Nailantei Leng’ete


“Thanks to the Lottery's support, we can empower and support girls to become the women of their dreams and put an end to the practice of female genital mutilation.”

Muhammad Yunus

Social entreprenör och Nobelpristagare

“Charity is a wonderful concept; it really helps people who are suffering. But one shortcoming of charity is that every time you help out, you need a fresh amount of money."

Roger Federer

Schweizisk tennisspelare med 20 Grand Slam-titlar

“I feel honored to be one of the international ambassadors of the Postcode Lottery. The support we receive for the Roger Federer Foundation is a privilege and boost to aim for more impact.“

Katarina Witt

Olympisk mästare i konståkning

"I couldn’t think of a better way to use my popularity than to support charitable causes that help people. And being the ambassador of Deutsche Postcode Lotterie enables me to do just that. The combination of winning and giving - is there anything better than that? That’s why I’m very happy to join the Postcode Lottery family."

Rafael Nadal

Spanskt tennisproffs

"I would like to thank the Postcode Lottery for lending its loyal support to all those good causes, including my own Rafa Nadal Foundation. Because of your help, many children will have a better future."

Emma Thompson

Skådespelerska och aktivist

"When it comes to protecting human rights or saving the planet some civil disobedience is needed. It is fantastic the Postcode Lottery enables people and social organisations to act this way!"

Toni Kroos


“Winning is wonderful, that I know. I wish everyone good luck! I am really happy to be an ambassador of the Postcode Lottery – together we can help a lot of children.”

Bill Clinton

Amerikansk president 1993 till 2001

"The Postcode Lottery is the best thing I have ever seen to involve ordinary people in charitable work. A whole community can win and it must be a great feeling to be a part of it."

Nadia Murad

Människorättskämpe och Nobelpristagare

“I commend the humanitarian work the Postcode Lotteries supports globally. Together we can make meaningful change worldwide.”

Dr Denis Mukwege

Medical Director at Panzi Hospital and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Today, more people than ever are aware of the epidemic of sexual violence that is confronting the DRC and other conflict zones across the world, but there is still much work to be done. With the help of the International Postcode Lotteries, we have the ability to innovate and together with survivors of sexual violence take concrete measures to eradicate rape as a weapon of war.“